The Lucius Chronicles – Epub Version


The Lucius Chronicles. The complete DATS Trilogy in one volume, with illustrations by Eugene Georgiades.



For the first time, the magical DATS Trilogy is available in one volume.

In Part 1 – Death and the Schoolboy – we meet Johnny Jenkinson, taken from the countryside and placed into a new school, where he is left friendless and alone. When he unexpectedly meets Eddie, the Death of Children, he is whisked away to the strange and wonderful land of Deathville, home of all of the Deaths. Unfortunately, his arrival sets in motion events that threaten to destroy not only Deathville, but also the Earth. Turning to Uncle Lucius, the oldest and wisest of the Deaths, for help, the boys find themselves betrayed and it is up to them to not only save the world, and Eddie’s dad, but also to try and defeat the monster that Uncle Lucius has become.

Part 2 – Death and the Atom Bomb – sees Johnny, older and now far happier than before, caught up in a web of intrigue, as a result of his father’s new job at MalCorp, the biggest company in the land. When Eddie unexpectedly turns up during the summer holidays, with a dire prediction about the end of the world, it is up to Johnny and his new friends, Simon and Trudy, to find out exactly what is going on at MalCorp and to discover the sinister truth behind its mysterious and reclusive owner, Malthus Devryn.

Part 3 – Death and the End – opens with Johnny, Simon and Trudy going on a skiing holiday that goes tragically wrong, landing the three of them back in Deathville. Far from all being well, Uncle Lucius has returned with an army of lost souls and is intent on destroying not only Deathville, but also all of creation. Facing their biggest challenge to date, and with only a rag-tag assortment of well meaning but clueless Deaths to help them, it is up to the children to use every ounce of their abilities, to put an end to Uncle Lucius’ evil scheme and save the entire Universe from total destruction.

The Lucius Chronicles… who ever thought that death could be this much fun!