Fotherington-Tomas and the Mont Blanc Mission – Epub Version


The sixth instalment of the Fotherington-Tomas series of short stories.



When the Orient Express makes an unscheduled stop at Mont Blanc, Britain’s finest clandestine agent, Fotherington-Tomas and his ever faithful sidekick, Maxwell, face a desperate race against time and the snowy wastes of the mountain massif, in order to stop the terrible Mad Monks from unleashing madness across the European Continent.

With less than twenty-four hours before chaos ensues and a petrified climbing companion in tow, how on earth can Fotherington-Tomas hope to beat an army of deranged zealots with ninja-like skills and a penchant for old British sitcoms, and how will we know if he is successful, given that most of Europe is already well beyond the bounds of sanity?

Join us and find out, in the latest and greatest instalment of The Adventures of Fotherington-Tomas, brought to you by your favourite new author of humorous fiction and short stories, R. A. Gregory!