Fotherington-Tomas and Blue Murder on the Orient Express – MOBI Version


The fifth instalment of the Fotherington-Tomas series of short stories.



A journey across Europe on the Orient Express. What could possibly go wrong?

When Fotherington-Tomas and Maxwell board the world-famous train in Paris, little do they know that murder most foul will be committed before their Beef Wellington has time to go cold.

Why was Archduke Augustus Pimpernel Stockholm-Syndrome slain in front of his lover, Cerise de Pink? Who is responsible for such a heinous crime? And why is a fat little detective, with a finely groomed moustache, upstaging Britain’s greatest secret agent and super sleuth?

Find out in this, the latest instalment of The Adventures of Fotherington-Tomas. Just make sure that you’ve got a return ticket!