Death and the End – PDF Version


Death and the End. Part three of the DATS Trilogy.



Five years after first encountering Uncle Lucius in Deathville, Johnny Jenkinson and his best friends, Simon and Trudy, find themselves pulled back to the strange netherland inhabited by Eddie and the Deaths, where they face their greatest challenge yet.

Collecting lost souls from across the void, evil Uncle Lucius has returned, waging war in heaven and seeking to bring about not only the end of the world but the end of the entire Universe and everything beyond it too. With only a few clueless, but well-meaning Deaths up against the vast army of Lucius’ lost souls, things look very grim indeed for Johnny and his friends.

With the station in the sky ruined and the ghost train as their only means of transport, how can this rag-tag assortment of Deaths and children ever turn the tide against the cruel might of Uncle Lucius and his forces? What possible assistance lurks within the void and can it be persuaded to help? Why is the diamond rivet so important? And what about the Guardians of the Gateway? Will they intervene to prevent the end of Creation or will they remain silently watching, as the Universe around them slowly fades away?

Death and the End is the third and final book in the childrens action and adventure series, the DATS Trilogy, which will appeal to preteens and everyone who likes a good story.