Death and the Atom Bomb – Epub Version


The Epub version of Death and the Atom Bomb. Part two of the DATS Trilogy.



Two years have passed since Johnny Jenkinson first saved the world with the help of his best friend, Eddie, the Death of Children. With the summer holiday fast approaching, everything is looking good for Johnny and his new best friends, Simon and tomboy Trudy. However, evil is never far away and when his father gets a new job at MalCorp, one of the biggest companies in the country, Johnny uncovers a terrible secret that threatens to destroy not only himself, his friends and his family, but lead to the end of the world itself.

Who is the mysterious and reclusive Malthus Devryn and what are his real plans for MalCorp? What kind of being is his evil henchman, Sneeds and is he really human at all? Will Eddie help Johnny to save the world once again, or will he have to go it alone this time? And why does this kind of adventure always happen during the holidays and not during school time!

Packed full of action from start to finish, including tiny, swivelling ‘mini-eyes’, an encounter in the war room and a strange ballet involving dancing robots, ‘Death and the Atom Bomb’ is the second part of the DATS Trilogy and will be enjoyed by anyone who loves a good children’s action and adventure tale.