Amazing Thailand!

…Number two in an occasional series…

Welcome back to ‘Amazing Thailand’. Today’s example is rather nice… taxi etiquette. It tells you in very simple terms exactly what you can and cannot do when in a taxi in Thailand. No need to trouble yourself with learning all of those tricky tonal consonants and vowels that make up the Thai language, sixty-four of them in total; just look at the pretty pictures and away you go with complete confidence!

No guns or knives, no naughtiness, no dogs (cats are apparently okay), no bottles or glasses, definitely no durians (a very smelly Asian fruit) and, of course, no smoking, please. I’m fine with all of that, but can someone please tell me what the thing on the extreme left of the picture is because I’m terrified that one day I might accidentally try to bring one on board and get into terrible trouble as a result!

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