The Lucius Chronicles – Released Today!

All three titles in the DATS Trilogy, available in one place, at last!

Howdy folks!

Today, March 8 2019, saw The Lucius Chronicles released on Amazon, Smashwords and all other good ebook retailers, including Barnes & Noble and Apple iBooks.

Comprising the three books that make up the DATS Trilogy; Death and the Schoolboy, Death and the Atomb Bomb, and, Death and the End, The Lucius Chronicles was first mentioned almost seven months ago, when James Stevens, author of Fern Majestic and the Fall of a Dragon, completed the first draft of the cover art for book, which was what we ultimately ended up going with.

Since then, it has been blessed with the addition of cartoons by New Zealand cartoonist extraordinaire, Eugene Georgiades, plus undergone a minor text revision, in order to improve clarity and consistency between the books, all of which were written at different times in my life. As I mentioned in a previous blog, this is most definitely the premium version of the DATS Trilogy, so if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to dive into the wondrously charming and exciting world of Johnny, Eddie and the Deaths of Deathville, then now’s your chance and for only $6.99 USD too!

The Lucius Chronicles. A book by Rob Gregory Author