Hey! Wha’ happened to my writing?

… or the gentle subversion of one man’s week…

Life’s a funny old thing, especially when you’re a writer. Take this week for example. Almost nothing that I had planned ended up happening, or if it did, it didn’t quite happen in the way that I’d anticipated. I mean, I hardly ever blog on a Saturday and yet here I am, sat in front of the computer, with the day rapidly sliding away from me, writing to you about the ridiculous week I’ve just had. That’s how crazy things have been. It even got to the point today where I finally, just had to share it with you and so I spent a few minutes outlining below what should have happened this week with what actually happened. It’s all part of a writer’s life, I know, but I really hope that next week is a little bit kinder to me.


DayWhat was plannedWhat really happened
Mon40km bike ride.

Get website moved to a faster server.

Afternoon of writing.

Couple of convivial drinks in the evening.

30km bike ride – got home knackered.

Website still on old server.

One hour of writing.

Late-night drinking session with a friend.

TuesWhole day of writing.Got up at 11 am with a headache.

Website still on old server.

Friends came over early afternoon, so no writing today.

Weds40km bike ride.

Promote upcoming Reddit ‘Writer of the Day’ on social media.

Afternoon of writing.

No bike ride. Felt like poo.

Rewrote ‘Writer of the Day’ blurb.

Website still on old server.

Two hours of writing and two hours of watching ‘The Sandbaggers’ on YouTube.

ThursTake dog to vets to be spayed.

Rest of day spent writing.

Took dog to vets. Told to come back with her in the evening.

Website finally moved to new server.

Login access to website now disabled.

Three hours of writing interrupted with emails/phone calls about the website.

Fri60km bike ride.

Get dog back from vets.

Afternoon of writing.

Birthday drinks for friend in the evening.

No bike ride. Couldn’t be bothered.

Got a very unhappy dog back from vets.

Afternoon of emails/phone calls trying to get access to website.

Two hours of writing.

Couple of birthday drinks with friend.

Clean up lots of vomit from unhappy and now sick dog.

SatRelax because it’s the weekend.

Do some shopping.

Enjoy spending time with the fully recovered dog.

Looked after sick dog.

Finally got access to the website.

Posted this blog.



Talking of next week, don’t forget to join me on Weds 25 July on the Reddit Fantasy Forum, where I’ll be their ‘Writer of the day’. More details will follow next week, but in the meantime, please spread the word and help make the event a roaring success.

Finally, just to end on a light note, here’s a GIF from one of my favourite films, Christopher Guest’s, A Mighty Wind. Enjoy!

Writing gone wrong - Wha happened? Rob Gregory Author

Pretty much sums up my week!