My first book signing!

… At the opening of ‘Icon Amazed’ in Chiang Mai, Thailand…

Wednesday 16 May 2018, saw the opening of ‘Icon Amazed’, the latest exhibition by talented Thai artist, Goy Kankanakul, at the Meeting Room Art Café, in Chiang Mai. Goy first hit the headlines in 2017 with ‘Exhiblitz’, a novel art concept involving simultaneous exhibitions in five locations across Thailand.

The event was the chance to see a range of fifteen new pieces by Goy, all using her unique fine-liner technique, known as ‘mazing’. Among them were interpretations of classic masters and pop-art icons alike, including Marylin Monroe and ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’, as well as a range of captivating studies of well-known Thai temples.

Icon Amazed - Marylin Monroe. Rob Gregory Author

Pop-Art and Cubism fused together in Goy’s homage to Marylin Monroe.

And standing loyally next to a table (not the one with the drinks on it, you’ll be surprised to hear) was yours truly, doing his first official book signing of ‘Drynwideon, The Sword of Destiny – Yeah, Right’, the artwork for which, was done by Goy back in late 2017.

Icon Amazed - R.A. Gregory and Goy Kankanakul with Drynwideon. Rob Gregory Author

Books need openings too!

The ‘Icon Amazed’ opening event was a huge success, with over one hundred people passing through the doors of Joe’s fantastic gallery space during the three and half hours that it ran for. And in case you missed it, while the book signing is sadly over, Goy’s pictures, as well as a limited number of copies of Drynwideon, are still on display at the Meeting Room Art Café until May 31.

For more information about ‘Icon Amazed’, Goy’s artwork or to purchase pictures online, please visit or (the online home of the Meeting Room Art Café, physical location: 89 Charoen Rat Road, Chiang Mai, opposite Wat Ket Karam).

Icon Amazed -R.A. Gregory, Goy Kankanakul and friends. Rob Gregory Author

Surrounded by Goy’s wonderful artwork.

Special thanks to Brian and Joe for organising the event, to Rob Brown for the fantastic photographs and Aydan from Chiang Mai City Life for the post-event coverage.

Watch this space to find out what Goy will be up to next. It’s bound to be interesting!