A very strange tale… 4/5 Stars – C. Whyatt (Smashwords.com)


Luckless peasant Drin, is desperate to escape his horrendous existence under the rule of the cruel Dragon Queen. His journey takes him far and wide, and his unlikely partnership with a strange dwarf seems to be leading them from one disaster to another, until you realise that the unwilling heroes are unwittingly keeping each other alive. Author, Rob Gregory, introduces elements of Pratchett and Python, in some very funny scenes, but also manages to maintain his own unique style. There is also some very nice descriptive work as you can actually visualise the landscapes, which is very important. Overall; off beat humour, addictive storyline, but also a strong underlying message of co-operative survival… Against all odds. Well recommended.

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This is a fun read! C+ – Ilja Rianca (Bookdigits.com)


The protagonists stumble into an adventure they didn’t ask for. I liked that they weren’t some trained figures that know all about survival and fighting, but they just wanted a nice place to settle. Really fun read and I recommend it to everyone!

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Sword-sloshing absurdity 5/5 Stars – S. C. Macdiarmid (Amazon.com)


I really enjoyed RA Gregory’s Drynwideon; The Sword of Destiny – Yeah Right. A maelstrom sword-sloshing adventure reminiscent of both George MacDonald Fraser’s ‘The Pyrates’ and Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’. The protagonist, Drin, flees his home village, where neighbours are chosen by lottery to provide a cannibal meal for the others, and sets off looking for that someplace that has to be better than this. The setting is a magical, mystical, medieval land, in which tyrannical soldiers of the Dragon Army impose the will of Ka, the shape-shifting Dragon Princess. As one would expect, Drin has a succession of improbable escapes from disaster after disaster as he journeys through a landscape of strange characters and bewildering magic.

Enjoyable and fairly non-stop action, as improbable as it should be, with constant witty dialogue and absurd situations, Drynwideon is vastly entertaining reading and hard to put down. And the ending is not really all that predictable!

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A rollicking good yarn 5/5 Stars – William Barwood (Amazon.com)


I thoroughly enjoyed this rollicking good yarn! Rob has written an entertaining story with several wonderful characters including Tefal, the claustrophobic-agoraphobic dwarf and the Rog, a cross between a rabbit and a dog, and Drin the ‘triumphant’ anti-hero.